Waterhousea Floribunda 'Weeping Lilly Pilly'
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Waterhousea Floribunda 'Weeping Lilly Pilly'

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Waterhousia Floribunda 'Weeping Lilly Pilly' is a medium to large, evergreen, tree with a dense canopy of weeping foliage.  Long, dark green, glossy leaves which turn red before dropping.  A few red leaves are always visible.  Large clusters of white flowers in Summer form round, greenish-white berries with a pink tinge.  A good specimen or shade tree for suburban gardens and parklands.  Grow in a sunny to partly shaded position in moist, well drained soil.  Withstands full sun and light frost in cool climates.  Keep well watered during warm weather.

Full maturity - Height: 10m / Width: 8m

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