Tristaniopsis Laurina 'Luscious'
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Tristaniopsis Laurina 'Luscious'

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Tristaniopsis Laurina 'Luscious' has a gorgeous, shiny appearance with colourful red new growth foliage.  It's larger leaf size makes it a great native alternative to Magnolia.  Will do best in a warm, moist position, but will tolerate frost and drought.  It tolerates a wide range of soils.  Water well for 8-13 weeks until established.  Plant in well mulched garden.  Use a slow release fertiliser in Spring if required. Prefers full sun to part shade.  Produces yellow flowers with a sweet perfume from November - December.  Use in street plantings, parks, ovals and home gardens. attractive bark that peels and shows patches of creamy-brown colours throughout.  

Full maturity - Height: 7-12m / Width: 5m

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