Hedera helix 'Pittsburgh'
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Hedera helix 'Pittsburgh'

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Hedera Helix 'Pittsburgh' otherwise known as English Ivy, is a fast growing, compact, evergreen climber with small to medium deep green and glossy leaves. It is perfect for hanging baskets, pots and containers, ferneries, groundcover or as a clinging vine for a stone wall. Grows in both sunny to partly shaded positions.  Grows well in most conditions outside. Easily trimmed to shape and size.  Liquid feed during growing season. If using indoors then choose a well lit position.  Water deeply in hot periods. Best to let soil dry out between watering.  It can become invasive so control the growth or outdoor plants and dispose of pruned material appropriately.

Note - harmful if eaten, skin irritant

Full maturity - height: 5m / width: 5m

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